Location: igium / Igium.Web / System


Enum Description
System.ENativeType Enumerates the native JavaScript types.
System.ETypeEntry Enumerates the type of the System.TypeEntry reflection object (e.g. constructor, method etc.)


Type Description
System.Exception A base class for all exceptions.
System.Object Utility methods for object manipulations like cloning memory graphs.
System.Type The reflection representation of a gotype + utility methods for JavaScript native type detection and reflection.
System.TypeEntry The reflection representation of a gotype entry (e.g. constructor, method etc.)
System.Walker A helper class for walking JavaScript object graphs.


The System namespace types, descibed on this page, are automatically loaded during the Igium.Web system initialization. There is no need to include them from go modules. Using lib("System.js") won't do any harm, except for some useless code execution.