Static Type
Location: igium / Igium.Web / MathX / MathX.Complex

Static Methods

Method Test Description
MathX.Complex.newComplex(real: Number, imaginary: Number): {} Y creates a complex number with both real and imaginary parts
MathX.Complex.newImaginary(imaginary: Number): {} Y creates a pure imaginary complex number
MathX.Complex.newReal(real: Number): {} Y creates a pure real complex number
MathX.Complex.isComplex(c: {}): Boolean Y checks whether c is an object representing a valid complex number
MathX.Complex.magnitude(c: {}): Number Y calculates the magnitude |c| for the complex number's vector c
MathX.Complex.scale(c: {}, factor: Number): {} Y multiplies a complex number's vector by a scalar
MathX.Complex.translate(c: {}, dre: Number, dim: Number): {} N translates a complex number's vector; dre - real part delta; dim - imaginary part delta
MathX.Complex.sum(a: {}, b: {}): {} N summates two complex numbers
MathX.Complex.sub(a: {}, b: {}): {} N subtracts two complex numbers
MathX.Complex.mul(a: {}, b: {}): {} N multiplies two complex numbers
MathX.Complex.div(a: {}, b: {}): {} N devides two complex numbers; performs NO checks for division by zero
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Utility.Type.__unitTest(): [String] n/a runs the type unit tests; returns a list of strings containing the test results

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