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Facility Test Description
[Event], function <eventName>(){} N Defines an instance multicast event
[Static, Event], function <eventName>(){} N Defines a static multicast event
this.<eventName>([sender [, eventArgs]]); N Fires an instance event and passes both arguments to all event handlers; sender and eventArgs are optional; by convention, when firing instance events, set sender to this, and when firing static events, set sender to the System.Type of the fireing type, e.g. typeinfo(MyNamespace.MyType) (see Type Info)
<Type>.<eventName>([sender [, eventArgs]]); N Fires a static event and passes both arguments to all event handlers, e.g. MyNamespace.MyType.<eventName>(typeinfo(MyNamespace.MyType), {})
obj/type.<eventName>.subscribe(handler: Function): Number N Adds an event handler; returns a subscriber id required for removing the event handler later
obj/type.<eventName>.subscribe(this.<obj_eventName>.bind(this)): Number N Adds an instance event handler
obj/type.<eventName>.unsubscribe(subscriberId: Number) N Removes an event handler; throws an exception if the subscriberId is not registered with this event
obj/type.<eventName>.getSubscriberCount() N Returns the number of event handler currently registered with the event

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