Errspace EIG0000

Error space
Location: igium / Igium.Web / Error Space Registry / Errspace EIG0000

Category Value
Error space "0000"
Name SystemError
Vendor Igium
Code collection Igium.Web
Coll. type Repository
Description Defines general purpose errors


Error id Error space Error code Error name Constructor Type attributes Description
EIG00000001 EIG0000 "0001" <nobr> Invalid operation </nobr> new System.InvalidOperationException( message: String, innerException: String) [InstanceFrozen] An unexpected code state; usually this error indicates a bug elsewhere.
EIG00000002 EIG0000 "0002" <nobr> Not implemented </nobr> new System.NotImplementedException( message: String, innerException: String) [InstanceFrozen] In development this error may indicate a part of the code that is pending to be implemented; in production this error usually indicates a bug elsewhere. Especially useful with the default clause of exhaustive switch - case operators for early detection of missing cases after adding new items to enums.
EIG00000003 EIG0000 "0003" <nobr> Invalid argument type </nobr> new System.ArgumentTypeException( argumentName: String, expectedType: String, message: String, innerException: String) [InstanceFrozen] Thrown if a function argument has a wrong type. No recommendation is made on whether to treat null and undefined as being of the wrong type or not. expectedType may contain either the name of a go type or the name of a native type.
EIG00000004 EIG0000 "0004" <nobr> Invalid argument </nobr> new System.ArgumentException( argumentName: String, message: String, innerException: String) [InstanceFrozen] The function argument does not meet the required criteria.
EIG00000005 EIG0000 "0005" <nobr> Method called in an invalid state </nobr> new System.InvalidStateException( methodName: String, stateVariable: String, state: any, message: String, innerException: String) [InstanceFrozen] The method cannot be executed in the current state if the object; the stateVariable constructor parameter specifies the variable that is holding the state in question; state provides information about the current (invalid) state, e.g. an enum value for state machines.
EIG00000006 EIG0000 "0006" <nobr> Argument cannot be null or undefined </nobr> new System.ArgumentNullException( argumentName: String, message: String, innerException: String) [InstanceFrozen] The function argument cannot be null or undefined.